How do we measure the refresh rate of a smartphone? Answer is Here

How do we measure the refresh rate of a smartphone

We all have the best smartphones which have very good features and specifications. But the screen is such a part of the smartphone with which we are most connected, so it is important to know about the screen of the mobile phone. We will learn in this article how do we measure the refresh rate of a smartphone? We would like to tell you this question is the first question of Amazon Mobile Insider quiz.

Question- How do we measure the refresh rate of a smartphone?

  • FPS
  • Hz
  • Nits
  • Cd

Answer: Hz

Explanation- Various types of visuals, colors, graphics etc. are displayed on the screen of a smartphone. A term is used for the measurement of how fast the mobile phone screen updates the visuals every second, which is called Hz (Hertz). Since we work on the screen most of the time in smartphones. 

While buying a smartphone, you must have checked the screen refresh rate in their features like 30 Hz, 60 Hz, 90Hz, 120Hz etc. Screen refresh rate of all mobile phones may vary depending on the mobile manufacturer.

What is Hz(Hertz)

Hertz is the unit of frequency, It is written as Hz in symbolic form. If we talk about it in the screen refresh rate, then it tells how many times the screen of a smartphone can update its graphics and visuals in 1 second. Suppose you play a video in your phone, now the higher the value of Hz of the screen, the smoother the video will play in the phone.

Refresh rate in mobile is often 30Hz, 60Hz means that in 1 second a mobile screen can change itself 30 times or 60 times.

Visuals come and go on the mobile screen, each visual has to be displayed on the screen frequently. The higher the frequency changes the visuals, in this way the gaming and video streaming experience in the phone is good. For this, the refresh rate of the screen of a smartphone should be high.

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