Amazon Today Quiz Answers 17 February 2022 For ₹20000

amazon today quiz 17 February 2022

A quiz is the best way to increase knowledge. Therefore you will definitely try to increase your general knowledge by taking part in Amazon Today Quiz. If you want to answer all the questions correctly in the daily Quiz organized by Amazon, then this guide is for you. Here Amazon Quiz has been told the correct answer of 17 February 2022. This quiz run runs from 12 AM to 11:59 PM (24h).

Amazon Today Quiz Answers 17 February 2022

Q1:Which Indian cooperative has been ranked ‘number one Cooperative’ among the top 300 cooperatives in the world?

Correct Answer- (4)IFFCO

Q2: Which country recently ordered 80 Rafale fighter jets from France, the largest order ever for the warplane?

Correct Answer- (3)UAE

Q3: Beyond EPICA project started with the aim of drilling for and recovering what from up to 1.5 million years ago in Antarctica?

Correct Answer- (2)Ice

Q4: Who among these is one of the co-founders of this app?

Correct Answer- (3)Kevin Systrom

Q5: Kano Jigoro Shihan was the founder of which Japanese martial art, that was the first martial art to become an official sport here?

Correct Answer- (3)Judo

Amazon Today Quiz All Answers 17 February 2022

#Q1 (4)IFFCO
#Q2 (3)UAE
#Q3 (2)Ice
#Q4 (3)Kevin Systrom
#Q5 (3)Judo

Amazon Today Quiz Details 17 February 2022

If you participate in Daily Amazon Quiz, then read the information related to this quiz below carefully.

Contest Name Daily Quiz Time
Duration 24 Hours
Prize Poll R.20000
Total Winners 1
Platform Amazon App Only

How to win Amazon Today Quiz?

Before winning the prize by participating in Amazon Quiz, we have to understand how this quiz works? Amazon Daily updates a 5 question quiz on its shopping app at 12:00 AM. Which many people attempt, out of which only a few give the correct answer to all the questions. Those who answer all the questions correctly, they get entry in the lucky draw of the Amazon Daily quiz. Now one lucky winner is selected by an automatic system from amongst all the participants.

In this way, you can also win prizes by participating in this daily quiz. By participating in the Amazon today quiz, it is not necessary that you get a reward after answering all the questions correctly. Because the lucky winner is randomly selected. So the only way to win this quiz is to attempt this quiz daily.

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