Amazon Pediasure Quiz Answers Win Rs.10000

amazon pediasure quiz answers

Hello friends! Are you looking for the correct answers to the Pediasure quiz? So you are visiting the right website. Because here we have brought Amazon Pediasure Quiz Answers for you.

Amazon Pediasure Quiz Details-

Contest NamePediasure Quiz
Quiz Period21 Oct – 4 Nov
Price PollRs10000/Winner
Total Winners10
PlatformAmazon App Only

How to Play Amazon Pediasure Quiz?

1. Open Amazon App.

2. Search for the term- “Funzone” go-to “Amazon Games Page”

3. Scroll down and find the “Pediasure Quiz” banner.

4. Click “Play Now” to start the following quiz.

5. We have given you all questions-answers of the following quiz. Give all answers correctly to Enter in “Lucky Draw”

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Amazon Pediasure Quiz Answers- Win Rs.10000

Q1- What are the benefits of PediaSure 7+?

Answer: (d)All of them

Q2- How many flavors of PediaSure 7+ are available?

Answer: (b)2

Q3- Pediasure 7+ is for which age group?

Answer: (c)7-14

Q4- Pediasure 7+ has the goodness of?

Answer: (d)Both 1&2

Q5- Between 7-14, the bones of children can grow by how much?

Answer: (b)1.5x

Amazon Pediasure Quiz All Answers

Answer-1: All of them

Answer-2: 2

Answer-3: 7-14

Answer-4: Both 1&2

Answer-5: 1.5x

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