Amazon National Wildlife Day Quiz Answers Win ₹10000

Amazon Wildlife Day Quiz Answers

National Wildlife Day is celebrated in India on 4th September, on this occasion the National Wildlife Day Quiz has been organized by Amazon to know about the wildlife that drives our ecosystem. In this article we have solved the Amazon Wildlife Day Quiz for you.

How to participate in Amazon National Wildlife Day Quiz 2021

  1. Download and Install Amazon form Play Store→ Open your Amazon App.
  2. Search for the term funzone.
  3. Go to FunZone page.
  4. Scroll down you will get the “WILDLIFE DAY QUIZ ANSWER AND WIN ₹10000” banner.
  5. Click Play Now to start the quiz. Select all correct answers of following quiz. 

Amazon National Wildlife Day Quiz Details

  • Quiz Period: 28 Aug 2021-10 Sep 2021
  • Prize Pole: Rs.10000 Pay Balance
  • Winners: 1
  • Check Winner: 11 September 2021
  • Website/App: Amazon App Only
  • Quiz Link: Play Now

Amazon National Wildlife Day Quiz Answers

Que-1: Name the largest mangrove forest of India

  1. Sundarbans, West Bengal
  2. Bhitarkanika Mangroves, Odisha
  3. Pichavaram Mangroves, Tamil Nadu
  4. Baratang Island Mangroves, Andamans

Answer: Pichavaram Mangroves, Tamil Nadu

Que-2: Which is the state bird of Chattisgarh?

  1. Common Hill Myna
  2. Sparrows
  3. Eagle
  4. Common babbler

Answer: Common Myna

Que-3: In which year was “Project Tiger” launched in India?

  1. 1950
  2. 1967
  3. 1973
  4. 1980

Answer: 1973

Que-4: How many national parks does India have?

  1. 103
  2. 105
  3. 106
  4. 104

Answer: 104

Que-5: A common theme for species that become extinct could involve:

  1. Over exploitation
  2. Distribution confined to islands
  3. Habitat loss
  4. All of the above

Answer: All of the above

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