Amazon Kitchen Edition Quiz Answers Win LG Microwave and Juicer

amazon spin and win LG microwave quiz

In this week’s new games, the Spin and Win LG Microwave quiz has been organized by Amazon. In which you have to spin the wheel and answer the question “What is the root square of 4” with a simple and you can win LG Microwave. All the answers to this question have been mentioned to us below.

Amazon Kitchen Edition Quiz Answer

In this quiz, you are asked only one question because it is spin and win the quiz. This quiz is also named “AMAZON KITCHEN EDITION QUIZ”. After spinning the wheel, you will answer this question correctly for the prize in your court.

Q: What is the square root of “4”?

a. 1

b. 2

c. 4

d. 8

Correct Answer: (b) 2

Amazon Kitchen Edition Quiz Details

Contest Name Kitchen Edition Quiz
Duration 15 Feb – 28 Feb
Winner 1(one)
Prize LG Microwave & Amazone PB
Platform Amazon App Only

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