Amazon Karigar Mela Quiz Answers- Win Exiting Prizes

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Amazon Karigar Mela Quiz Details-

Contest Name Karigar Mela Quiz
Quiz Duration 7th September – 30th September
Prize Pole Saree Rs.8399
Winners 8
Prize Delivered on 30th September
Available on Only Amazon App (iOS/PlayStore)

How to play Karigar Mela Quiz:

1.Open your Amazon App, type keyword funzone in the search bar.

2.Click on the Funzone page, go to the Amazon Games page.

3.Scroll down and find the KARIGAR MELA QUIZ banner.

4.Click on Play Now to start the today’s quiz.

Amazon Karigar Mela Quiz Answers – Win Exiting Prizes

Answer-1 Tribes India
Answer-2 Chanderi
Answer-3 Virtual handicrafts fair
Answer-4 Madhya Pradesh
Answer-5 Pattachitra

Amazon Karigar Mela Quiz Questions-Answers

Q1: The Karigar Mela is hosted in partnership with?

  • Tribes India
  • Amazon Saheli
  • Amazon Launchpad
  • None of the above

Answer: Tribes India

Q2: Which of the following is a handloom weave?

  • Chanderi
  • Dhokra craft
  • Bidriware
  • Cane & bamboo

Answer: Chanderi

Q3: What is the Karigar Mela?

  • A car exhibition
  • Virtual handicrafts fair
  • A tech event
  • An award ceremony

Answer: Virtual handicraft fair

Q4: Which Indian state did the famous & exquisite Maheshwari textile originate?

  • Maharashtra
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Rajasthan

Answer: Madhya Pradesh

Q5: Which of the below is a traditional painting artform?

  • Blue pottery
  • Cane & bamboo
  • Black stone pottery
  • Pattachitra

Answer: Pattachitra

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