Amazon Disano Quiz Answers Win Reward Up to Rs.2000

There are many types of food products listed on Amazon. Among them DiSano’s healthy products are very famous. In this article, we are going to tell you the correct answers to Amazon Disano Quiz. By participating in this quiz, the correct answer participants can win Amazon Pay Balance of Rs.2000.

Amazon Disano Quiz Details:

Contest Name Disano Quiz
Quiz Period 22 October-5 November
Prize Poll Rs.2000/winner
Winner’s 50
Platform Amazon App

Amazon Disano Quiz Answers- Win Rs.2000

Q1- Which of the following has more protein in it?

Answer: Peanut butter

Q2- Peanut butter is a good source of which nutrients?

Answer: All of the above

Q3- Peanut butter can be had as

Answer: All of the above

Q4- What are the most popular variants of peanut butter?

Answer: All of the above

Q5- Is peanut butter vegetarian?

Answer: Yes

Q6- Peanut butter is sticky because it contains

Answer: Peanut oil

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